Gotham Greens is committed to the highest quality standards.

We are farmers that live in apartments
We see green fields where others see rooftops.
We fuel blooming communities where others fear urban decay.
And we purvey the freshest produce grown on earth.
We are obsessed with the delicate qualities of a lettuce leaf that was grown with care and harvested by hand before breakfast to in order to reach your plate by lunch.
Most of all, we know that the crunch of fresh, local sustainably grown food, sets off a chain reaction of good things in the world.
We are Gotham Greens and we grow the most extraordinary fresh food in extraordinary fresh places.

Our growers are passionate about producing the finest quality, freshest, best tasting, and most nutritious culinary ingredients available. They care about our customers just as much as they care about the every need of our plants, from seed to harvest.

Our products are harvested before breakfast so they can be on your plate by lunch. We don’t just blindly talk about being “local” “sustainable” and “natural”. While our business is about those things, we care about what those things stand for: flavor and nutrition, preserving water and soil resources, biodiversity, reducing harmful chemical use in food production, fair treatment of workers, and spending our dollars closer to home.

Our farms are unconventional. But so is our commitment to quality, taste and sustainability.

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